Cutting through the confusion of food and eczema

Slash through all the misinformation about food reactions impacting your eczema

Identify YOUR dietary triggers for YOUR eczema

Module #1 My promise to you

Start taking action in the first lesson

Module #2 Hello Histamine

Find all about this mischievous molecule and how some foods cause it to appear

Module #3 SAGs

You’re not gonna get saggy! But you will learn some big words: salicylatesssssssss, amine, glutamates

Module #4 Food Additives

Get the skinny on the usual (but hidden) additions to food that cause chaos

Module #5 Unique Immune reactions to Foods

There’s more than frank allergies to consider in this space. And they can be tested for

Module #6 How to do a food elimination diet the right way

Systems, methods, records for doing a successful food elimination and reintroduction
Hi! My name is Rebecca Hughes
and I'm the skin whisperer : )
I had cystic acne when I was young woman, so I know what its like to deal with the discomfort and the shame of skin conditions.
They're on the outside for everyone to see. So humiliating! Eczema is not only visible, its extremely itchy, affects sleep and is absolutely crazy making!!!!
I'm passionate about helping babies, children and adults with eczema and other skin conditions, to find lasting, drug-free solutions, for their skin problems.
Identify YOUR dietary triggers for YOUR eczema